Movie update 2

Here is the production schedule for this year.

Film Schedule

Things we need:
Bunny costume
Real bunny or stuffed white bunny

Large clock face

Cast we need
2 adults
1 kid

Movie update 1

Auditions are Tuesday January 20th.  With call backs on January 27th.
Each person coming to audition will read a line from the movie with someone else reading for the other roles.  We will be judging on clarity of speech, memorization and body language.

Actors will be judged by the student director, by Mr Gass, and a group of the movie staff.

Each actor or actress will be rated on 5 point scale in the above 3 areas.

Script section to practice.

Cut to Door of PLC Kitchen AMY and Doctor lean around door and peak in. 

AMY- “Cookies. Definitely cookies.” 

Doctor pushes door open and jumps in.  Grabs a mop from beside the door and starts pointing at things like it’s a sword.”

Doctor -  “Did I ever tell you about the time I was baking cookies with Louis the 14th?  It was so hard for him to eat them through that mask,  Really should should have gotten him some milk.” 

AMY- “Where are we?”

Doctor- Pulls out large flat head screwdriver. - I think earth dif….

AMY pulls screwdriver from THE DOCTOR

AMY-  What happened to your screw driver?

THE DOCTOR -Its gotten younger also. 

AMY- Your kidding right .
THE DOCTOR - Yes….. its on top of the console I just couldn’t reach it...I picked this one up in the basement.  

THE DOCTOR - I felt naked without one…..  We were looking for the Cookies .

AMY- They are behind you.

Doctor- Yummy

Picks up cookie and starts back to door dropping mop back by the door.

THE DOCTOR - First thing, where are we?

Scene 3
THE DOCTOR  and AMY walk out back door to PLC and Cut to exiting OLPH area behind MRS Hennons office.
AMY- We are in School

Cut close up of OLPH School sign

THE DOCTOR -   I love a good class. Do you think I can teach history

AMY- I hope not for their sake

  • Auditions are for 

  • Doctor- (this can be up to 3 different kids)
  • Amy-
  • Principal- (adult)
  • Teacher- (adult)
  • Teacher2- (adult)
  • Small girl1- k-3
  • Small girl 2- k-3
  • Adult in Rabbit costume-
  • Pirate Teacher- 
  • Kid 1- 
  • Kid 2- 
  • Harry Potter 1-8-
  • Elsa and Anna Let it Go chorus.
  • Angel Girl and Boy
  •  Frankenstein's monster- 
  • Morning Care Kids(this has been shot)
  • Sports fan Kids/Football players 1-8
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Lorax 
  • Thing one and Thing two
  • All the Kindergarten 
  • 12-15 Kids as hall walkers door opener and other moving about parts
  • Elsa and Anna- we need a dozen young people for two scenes. They need to be able to sing along with the Frozen video Let it go. 
  • We need 6 or 7 Harry Potters. Grade 2nd through 6th.
  • We need a group of Football players any age. 
  • We need a group of kids of various ages for walking in the halls and general extras. 
  • We need the same group or another group for being Monsters ( basically any book based costume a kid might have.) 
  • We also need a Live White Rabbit.

Production Schedule 

Normal Production days we will assemble main cast and crew at 3:15 in the gym .

We will assemble extras at 3:45 in the PLC. An Adult will be required to be present for extras as they won't be officially part of Maker's Club.

Also there is a maxim number of kids I can control by myself.

Shooting starts before 4 pm and Wrap is at 4:50
Extras leave at 4:50
Costumes and Props must be put away by 5:15.
Cast and Crew pick up is from 5:15 until 5:30


Makers Club Movie.

Maker's Club big project this year is a 10 to 20 minute movie.   We will film, edit and show our movie as well as make it available for download and on youtube.  This project is a long and difficult one that will have many parts over the next several weeks. 

December Pre-production: we will meet on the 9th and 16th.These meetings are for young people interested in writing the script,designing the props and working on learning to edit video. It is open to 5th grade and up.  

January Auditions, rehearsal and pre-production. 
Meetings the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.  We may also have additional rehearsals as we near filming. 
Parts are open to any student of any age. As there are lots of parts we will be filming. 

February principal photography Days and times will be announced as we near.  We will need to film some days other then just Tuesdays.  
Meetings on 3rd 10th 17th and 24th plus other days and times as needed. 

March  Finish photography and start editing.  This is open to 5th grade and up who were part of the pre-production team. 
Meetings the 3rd 10th 17th and 24th.  No meeting on the 31st. 

There are at least two days we will be filming away from the school where parents will need to be present.  

There are days when we will be filming group scenes where we will need more then just our regular cast.  More will come out about that later.

There is no charge for December Makers club if you are interested please fill out this form 


Glenn Gass
OLPH Makers Club

Lord, help me use the talents You have provided to create works to Your glory. Teach me that I might share my works and all my abilities with those that are willing to learn. -The Makers Prayer

No November meetings,

Its my sad duty to report that makers club will not happen in November.  Between my work and the PLC schedule we won't be able to make it happen this year.  I think Cooking is cursed.  We will be back in December for making the props and sets for our video.  S
ome of the things we will make in December are a British police box, robot dog, laser guns, a room covered in paper plates and various book themed Halloween costumes.

 So if you have a  British police box, robot dog, or book themed Halloween costumes you could donate to our project i'd love to have it.

Our video will be a combination of preset script and improve (call it pretend plus) using the Commedia dell'Arte style of preset charactes that can be played by any of the actors.  We will use a couple of elements that will cover all the lead characters so as it changes through the kids we will have a continuity for who is what part.  Ie I need a bow tie and fez.

Razor Knives and Space Ships

Here is our Space Ship we made this week.  Of course the space cadet is inside.  I'd like to thank Lowes, Beauty and the Beast Costume Shop, East Ridge Bike Shop and Hungry Howies Pizza for providing the parts for this weeks build.
We worked on our knife skills and learned knife safety.  We  built our space ship and covered it in duck tape and aluminum foil, The widows were recycled bike tires and our nose cone was pizza boxes. Next week is another group build.  We are making a car.  Our last week is open build where the kids will get to make anything they want.

Have a great month.
November is Cooking
and December is script and props for our movie.