Makers Club Beginner Lego and Jr FLL Sign ups

Sign up for this years Jr Lego program is under way. 

Beginner Lego League (Kindergarten through 2nd grade) will work on understanding basic Lego building and design by using Lego kits to improve understanding of Lego instruction books, build custom Lego designs, and work on team-building activities. Students will get two kits that they will be able to take home. 

Jr First Lego League will explore the world of robotics. 
Students in 3rd and 4th grade will work with different rovers to explore the world with robots.  They will then face the gauntlet by sending their robominion to run the labyrinth. 

We are meeting Tuesdays stating on Feb. 6th and meeting for 6 weeks.
Meetings start at 3:30 and go until 5 pm.

Kids will be picked up at the Gym or from Kindergarten depending on grade level.
The cost is 75 dollars for either program. Snacks are provided.

We are closed for this season.

Thank you.

2017 robot design

This year we had a Nice New Robot donated to our team.  We are using the EV3 robot like most of the other teams.

We are very happy to be programming using the new version of the Mindstorm program
Having 2 motors helps us get more done on each mission.
There has been a large learning curve for the last couple of months.  The boys have been studying hard to master the new software.

We took the robot to competition this year and scored out team's bests in every category.

Robo Rams 2017