Minecraft next Robots and Rockets on Hold

Due to work concerns I am having to place a hold on the Makers Club Robots and Rockets Program. Instead we will move forward on Minecraft server design and building as a full Makers Club Weekly program. It is open to all kids in 3rd grade or higher.

 Each person will need to buy a copy of Minecraft for the PC if they do not already own one.

 Program dates are Feburary 16,23, March 1,8,15 and 22.
 Cost is $100 Snacks are included in the cost.

 Projects include a virtual rendering of the school in minecraft. Designing a sever and programming its features.
Trouble shooting the server and setting up chat and spam filters.
 Learn how to record Minecraft videos and edit them.

 Skills needed Math lots of Math.

Sign up Below please Max 10 students,
There is a second form after the Paypal page  please fill it out.

Child's Name
Child's Grade

Makers Club Fundraising Store

How this works:

The store sells things at regular cost to you and we get 1 percent of the purchase price for Makers Club to use on our projects. 
Bonus if you use Script Now you can earn up to 3 percent for the school.


Making a Donation or ordering a copy.

This is the donate button you can donate what you feel the video on YouTube is worth to you.All the money will go towards the Makers Club Spring program or our First Lego League for next year.

To order a dvd Click the button below you will have to fill out some information like your address.

DVD's will be in the first week of February.  They Cost $20 each.  Only orders processed by Paypal will be accepted.  Sorry No Checks or Cash.
We have to make a minimum order of 30 disks to get pre-printed disks 

Been a while new projects.

Lego League is nearly done and we are going to begin work our Winter and Spring programs.

Our favorite Beginner Lego program is starting in January. Kids in K-2 grade are welcome.  This program is designed to teach the kids how to build using the the books and from their own imagination. We will have a 2 to 1 ration of learners to helper.

Below is the sign up.  There is a second page after the buy now.

Child's Name
Child's Grade
This is an annual program that I normally do in the fall but because of Lego League I had to delay it for the winter. 

We will meet for 4 weeks. 
Week 1 is introduction to parts and names.  The kids will build a simple airplane as they learn the parts and their names.
Week 2 the kids will build a 80 to 100 piece model 
Week 3 the kids will build a 180 to 250 piece model 
Week 3 home work the kids will rebuild the model into a second model 
Week 4 is a free build where the kids will build designs of their own using the clubs 60,000 Lego pieces.  

The kids will get to keep the models from weeks 2 and 3 and take them home on week 3. 

We will have one older student helper for each 2 younger students.

We will meet on Tuesdays this year.
The dates are
Jan 12
Jan 19
Jan 26
Feb 2 

The fee for this program is $65.
We are limited to the first 10 kids in grades k-2. 

In February we will begin our Spring Project.  This project is designed around the Boy Scout requirements for the Computer Programming, Robotics, and Space Exploration parts of the Programming  will also work towards the digital technology badge. 

This program is designed to build model rockets, plan a space mission, build a rocket simulator, run a real time mission in Kerbal Space program and the simulator.  Design and build a Lunar Lander, program it for autonomous science gathering and have it report back to mission control.  

This looks to cost 50 dollars a month for three months.  More about that next Month.